Project 10 | Curveball!

So Mamas, I’ve been a little hush hush on the fabulous Project 10 for the last week or so.

Life has thrown me a curveball and we are expecting our third child in February, yay for babies! This means I will no longer be trying to lose weight as a participant in Project 10. I am however embarking on a lifestyle change known as the Paleo Lifestyle.

So what is Paleo? It’s the idea that our bodies weren’t made to process “processed” food like grains, wheat, chips, you get the idea. We should be eating like the cave men did because that is what our bodies were designed to digest – meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. I am choosing to participate in the Paleo Pioneer’s 30-day Shift because, frankly, I am addicted to sugar and processed crap. I am tired of feeling like a mouse running on the sweet and salty wheel. I am tired of feeling tired from processed foods that just aren’t good for me.

The Paleo Shift focuses on eating REAL FOOD, like not from a package. What a concept! I have been a sucker for “healthy pre-packaged convenience foods” like protein bars, granola bars, breakfast bars, energy bars. You name it, I’ve definitely bought it.

I am excited to jump in and begin the process of my Paleo Pregnancy by eating real and healthy food for me and my baby. Katie Simons, the Paleo Pioneer has made it super easy to make the gradual lifestyle change to Paleo with her brilliant 30-day Shift program. There will be weekly group meetings where we will share experiences and support one another, along with recipes and tips.

I will slowly be cutting out sugar, dairy and grains from my diet aside from the junk. This means I will be living on real organic meat, fish, vegetables , fruit and oil! Since I am pregnant I will add dairy and calcium back if I feel the need or crave it. I do believe that listening to my body is the best bet for mommy and baby.

I hope my Paleo journey inspires others to eliminate the foods that just aren’t good for any of us, and to help other women eat healthy and feel healthy with a Paleo Pregnancy. More to come!


  1. melissa says:

    Congratulations AND excited to be doing the shift with you!! :)

  2. “feeling like a mouse running on the sweet and salty wheel” – Yep. Know that feeling all too well. Again, congratulations!!

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