Very PINTERESTing {Try It Out Tuesday}

Okay mamas, until recently I have often been guilty of wearing my hair in a ponytail…consistently on a daily basis. Enter pinterest into my life and voila! I suddenly feel inspired to rock Bridgette Bardot-esque hair to preschool drop off. Or, at least try and tame my wild mane!

I suffer from post-baby ” frizzy wings”. You know ladies, those lovely stray pieces of fine hairs we get after pregnancy from breakage. What looks so lush during pregnancy leaves some of us looking like we are electrified! It’s been seventeen months since our second little miracle of life came ino the world, and I’m still trying to hide “my wings”. It’s a constant struggle, I’ve tried serums, leave in conditioners, balms, the list goes on to no avail.

Recently one hairstyle caught my attention on Pinterest called the braided headband. Christina of did a fabulous how-to photo tutorial on her blog and it’s been pinned like wildfire! I decided to try it out before a casual date night out with my husband.

I customized my version of the headband braid in order to really hide my frizzies, so my braid is closer to my hairline to hold the stray pieces back.

I loved the result, and it was very quick and easy to do. My husband noticed and liked it too! I will definitely be wearing this style to tame my wings during the hot summer months!

What has Pinterest inspired you to try? Have you replicated any beauty pins?


  1. Christina says:

    Thanks, Jodi! I love your blog! So glad to connect. :)

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m definitely trying this one! Thanks Jodi!

  3. melissa says:

    I want to do this to my hair! You look so cute!!

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